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TVSlide V2.50.5 Android TVTools player .ini file documentation.

Keep in mind that while some parameters like the server URLs are intended to be changed to adapt to each configuration, most other parameters have already been optimized by Tecsoft and shouldn't be changed during normal operation of the device and the server.

In the category "System":

"PrefsVersion" - version of the prefs file, do not touch, only used internally.

"ServerPollDelay" - delay in milliseconds between two server polls checking for changes in the schedule, defaults to 10000ms (10s).
"TextPosition" - position of the text relative to the bottom of the screen, defaults to 15.
"TextSize" - Size of the font for fixed text, defaults to 48.
"FontName" - name of the text font, defaults to "SANS_SERIF".
"RebootHour" - hour at which the player will restart, defaults to 3.
"RebootMinute" - minute at which the player will restart, defaults to 0.
"RebootHourly" - if 1, reboots every hour at "RebootMinute".
"CustomerCode" - The schedule level on the server which is to be played.
"DeviceName" - unique name of the device.
"ServerRoot" - URL of the root of the server where the schedules are stored, defaults to "".
"ServiceNameSpace" - Name space of the service server, defaults to "".
"ServiceURL" - URL of the service .asmx, defaults to "".
"ServicePollDelay" - delay in milliseconds between two webservice calls, defaults to 2500 (2.5s).
"CompanyName" - Name of the company, defaults to "tecsoft".
"Password" - password to access the server, defaults to the password for the Tecsoft demo server.
"LogoOffsetX" - X offset of the corner overlay image.
"LogoOffsetY" - Y offset of the corner overlay image.
"RollingFontSize" - Size of the font for scrolling text.
"RollingSpeed" - Speed of the text scrolling.
"ScreenOrientation" - Screen orientation: 0 = system (default), 1 = landscape, 2 = portrait, 3 = inverted landscape, 4 = inverted portrait.
"ScreenSaver" - if set to 1, turns the player into "screensaver mode" for interactive displays.
"RootKillStatusBar" - if set to 1, the status bar task will be killed on rooted devices, defaults to 0
"LogToFile" - Log Debug to File: 0=don't log to file (default), 1=only errors, 2=errors and warnings, 3=errors, warnings and information. (*1)
"LocalMode" - If 1, not using the network at all but using a removable storage device to update, if 2, using a web address but no webservice or cloud. (*2)
"DebugMode" - if 1, the debug overlay will be displayed on (re)start of the player (used internally).
"DebugRefreshRate" - refresh rate for the debug window, defaults to 5000 ms (5s).
"AdminPassWord" - set the password to access the built in .ini editor, default is "0000" (four times the number zero).
"KeepFiles" - if 1, the unused media files won't be deleted after a schedule change. Defaults to 0.
"BootMode" - if set to 0, the application starts as a launcher, if 1 the application starts using the boot listener, if 2 the application doesn't automatically start.
"CpuFrequency" - if set, defines the frequency of the CPU in HZ, notably to underclock the player if it overheats.
"Monitoring" - if "1", regularly sends screenshots to the cloud server (used internally).
"MonSize" - Maximum size of the screenshots. Defaults to 320.
"MonQuality" - Quality (in percent) of the JPEG screenshot files. Defaults to 75.
"MonDelay" - delay in milliseconds between two screenshots. Defaults to 20000 (20s).
"DebugX" - "DebugY" - position of the debug window (used internally).
"EnableWatchDog" - 1 enables an "error interceptor" which cleans and reboots the device in case of error. Defaults to 1.
"LowMemoryLimit" - low memory security limit in megabytes under which the player does a safety reboot, defaults to 150 megabytes.
"MACAddress" - the device's MAC address, for info, generated by the software.
"InitTime" - Initialisation time in miliseconds before the player starts after a reboot. Defaults to 60000 ms.
"CacheUpdateDelay" - Delay in seconds between two updates of the cache for the recordsets. Defaults to 600s (10 minutes).
"PreloadDays" - Number of days preloaded if the schedule is in daily or weekly mode. Defaults to 2, and includes the actual day.

In the category "Media":

"LocalRoot" - root of the local tvslide media files directory, defaults to "tvslide/media/" on the external storage of the device.
"FlagFileName" - name of the flag file, defaults to "flag.txt". This should never be changed during normal operation.
"PlayListFileName" - name of the playlist file, defaults to "playlist.tvt". This should never be changed during normal operation.

(*1) Logging to a file can quickly fill and saturate the device's storage. Don't use unless you really need it.
(*2) Local modes without cloud (aka modes 1 and 2) require a special preparation of the player and won't work on random Android devices.
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