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You can access the content’s playback log information ( designs/ videos...) played of each player-PC using the logfiles editor. For this, launch the  “C:\tvtools\prive\logfiles.exe” application.

  1. Select the "log.txt" file of your player in the "logfiles/name of player" folder (in this example : "logfiles/Golf- 01 Golfy").
  2. A list of designs and all other comparable files (videos for example) played by the player will be displayed. From this list select the file for which you require playing information.
  3. Select a day or give a time period with a "starting date" and a "finishing date".
  4. Then confirm with "Search".

  5. You can view a complete list of the dates and times the selected file was played, as well as the number of times it was played.



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