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For the management of your PC-players in TCP Park you have the "PlayerPCControl" tool available for the TVT Scheduler in the "Extras" of the Ribbon tab. 

You can control each player PC of your Park. To do this, go to "Add" and select the computer(s) you want to be shown in your list. To display different data go to the "Test / All" function.

"Player PC Control" window

a. The state of the player (not tested, OK, no IP server, no Ping).

b. Name of the player

c. Number of errors contained currently contained in the errors log connected to the player.

d. Version of the TV Tools software

e. History of the state of the player(s).

f. Name of the "schedule" file to be played by the player.

g. Name of the file being read by the player.

h. Current time code of the file being read.

i. Three pieces of information :

  • 1. Number of files already downloaded
  • 2. Number of files entered and
  • 3. Total number of files in the waiting list.

j. Date and time of delivery on the player of the operational schedule.

k. Nom du bouquet et de la chaine


To conduct operations on your player(s) you can send various types of command with the "Send Command" function.

a. “Switch ON, OFF” for the player machine via the local network and the immediate “reboot” function for the player(s).

 b. “Logfiles” : "log.txt" and "error.txt" files stored in the "logfiles/name of the player" folder.

 c. “Error Log” : recover "" files (containing the 2 text files "error.txt" and "masterReceive.txt" corresponding to the events log) and "" (containing the schedule designs) from the "logfiles /name of the player" folder.

 d. “Synchronize” : sync the folder structure of the design-PC on the player-PC. Use this function to optimise the transfer of new files.. 

 e. “Update version”: Update the TV Tools software on the player(s) compared to the version on the Designer-PC.

f. “Cancel downloads“ : allows you to remove files being downloaded from the waiting list.

g. “Reset error meter” : Empties the error meter.

h. “RAZ of the player” : returns the player’s error, log and schedule meters to zero..

i. “All RAZ of the player” : as well as the previous function, it also allows you to delete the contents of all media directories (images, animations, backgrounds, etc.) from the player.

j. “Get MAC Address” : enables you to switch on a player that would be off. 

k. “TV Tools Command” : enables you to send a TV Tools command directly to the player(s).

l. “Modify PullMode and EveryWhere Server parameters” : enable the opening of the  “Pull Mode” activation window, or of the “Connection to TVTools Everywhere Server” window.

m. “Remote control” : enables you to perform remote work on player(s) using Ultra VNC.

n. “File Transfer” : this function allows you to send files, schedules, designs or any other type of file to the player without having to interrupt the design being played.

"Transfer File" window

  1. List of the various types of file that can be sent.

  2. List of all files to be sent.
  3. Creating a new blank list.
  4. Confirming the send command.

o. “Emergency messages”: allows you to insert a text message into the design being played, whether it is computer graphics or video. 

“Emergency message” window

a. Text zone to receive your urgent message.

b. Sending the urgent message to the player(s) selected in advance.

c. Sending a "delete" command to remove the previous urgent message.

d. Allows you to edit directly the design "urgency.emi" in the designer and to change the style of your urgent message (font/size/colour/frame/effects, etc.).



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