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  1. To access the maintenance of a PC-Player, go to the "Levels of schedule" window of TVT Scheduler and select the diffuser (orange icon) that you want to perform the remote maintenance.

  2.  In the "Player parameters" window click the "Maintenance" button.


a. The  “Synchronize” button : start the optimized transfer of the directory structure and contact to the Player-PC.


  • F1 : Allows to remote control the player via Ultra VNC.

  • F2. Allows the transfer of file like schedules, designs, groups and all other type of files.
  • F3. Removes from the player the files no longer present on the designer.
  • F4. Direct access to the selected player's options.
  • F5. Update the player with the version installed on the designer.
  • F6. In case of a problem: send the events log to the TV Tools software for analysis. 


c. Possibility on the designer, to retrieve a schedule and its associated files from the player Option for schedule retrievals according to the current schedule, a schedule by name or a schedule selected by its presence in the "schedules" folder on the player. On the designer, you can also retrieve the video files included in the schedule.




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