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TV Tools works in two modes :

  • The automatic mode as discussed until now. Within this mode the different designs of a schedule are played from start to end, each page sequentially one after the other.
  • The interactive access point mode, the user interacts on the designs with the following three possibilities: by touching the touch screen, hitting a key on the keyboard or by clicking with the mouse. The pages don't display automatically in a sequence, but wait until the user makes his choice on the screen by buttons or interactive zones.


To setup TV Tools in "interactive access point" mode goto the  TVT Scheduler/ menu TVT (logo top left)  / Local settings then File / advance mode, and under the Playout Tab, select interactive access point.

a. Activate "interactive access point" mode. If you use a touch screen, select "No".

b. Activate "interactive access point" mode.

Codes and automation

Those designs that will be played in interactive mode have to be planned accordingly. Each box serving as a button or a click-zone (e.g. text, image) must have a link where the programme will go after this box has been clicked. The links can be to another page in the same design (simply specify the page number) or to the first page of another design (enter the name of it).

You can very easily create an interactive application and set up buttons to navigate through your designs. You can automatically define two states for your button: if you have two different graphs (example: normal button and hover button). You only need to save the two graphic files in the "C:\tvtools\images" and add the character "d" to the hover button.

Example : "bouton.png" for the normal button and "boutond.png" for the button displayed when you hover over it with the mouse.To activate these buttons and their links, click the image box (representing your active button) with the right mouse button, then go to the "interactive access point" tab. Add "!" (Exclamation mark) to the "active key" field in order to activate the two button states.

Image box settings - interactive access point

a. Put "!" to activate the two button states.

b. Number of the "page" of the current design you want to point to.

c. Name of the "design" you want to point to.


While playing in interactive access point mode, press "SHIFT+Escape" to leave the player. This will avoid the possibility of accidental commands or entries if using a keyboard.

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