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To create a PDF, go to the tab "Box" from the top menu and select the "PDF Viewer" function. A new window opens. Then enter the location of your PDF file and then set your settings.

Window settings for PDF box

a. PDF file path

b. The beginning page number that you want to playout.

c. Duration (in seconds) of each playout page

d. The end page number that you want to playout. By default the variable "0" playouts all pages.

e. Area of the PDF file play mode. Possibility to transform the PDF file to picture format. ( with size/resolution parameters ).

f. Position (coordinates X - Y) and size (length - height in pixels) of the PDF on the page.

g. Delay of the PDF with the time of appearance and disappearance of the PDF on the page. 


In the area of the "your PDF file reading mode", you have the ability to read your PDF files :

  • with Acrobat Reader ("show with Acrobat Reader" function checked) either. This mode assumes that the Acrobat Reader software is installed on your Player. In this mode you can zoom within the 'box PDF' to improve readability or display a portion of the pages in your PDF file.
  • or to transform each page of the PDF into image (function "Transform in image" checked). With the possibility in this case choose the internal resolution of the images to get more or less by definition, and therefore readability.

Result in preview 

In this example we have chosen to playout a design with a PDF box in portrait mode (the PDF file in question is also in portrait A4 format). 

We have defined a PDF box with a ratio equivalent to A4 size.


to be sure to playout all of the pages you have chosen in your PDF file, it is best to put the box back in "Auto End".


NB : afin d’’avoir la certitude de diffuser la totalité des pages que vous avez choisi dans votre fichier PDF, il est préférable de mettre la boîte fond en “Auto End”.


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