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The "Timeline" window allows you to manage with ease all the boxes that make up a page in the visual form of a timeline. To use it, go to the "Window" menu and click on "Timeline". Then click on the background box of your page to get a thumbnail view of all the various boxes.
You can arrange them in order of appearance: from the first to the last box or inversed by clicking on "Time +" or "Time -"; but also according to their position by layer: from front to back or inverse by clicking on "Layer +" or "Layer -". The first line of the timeline corresponds to the background box of the page.

Timeline Window

a. Display thumbnails according to their layer position on the page.

b. Display thumbnails in order of their appearance on the page.

c. You can manage the timing of the page with two modes. In "Auto-end" mode the default time of the page is determined by the total appearance time of the various boxes on the page. Alternatively you can enter a value (in seconds) to fix a time limit to the page.. 


d. Displaying the instructions of the sequence (start and end dates for the sequence / hours and days).

e. All the boxes configured in box order “0” will be glued to the background box (with the duck visual affixed to the background) and will share the same appearing and disappearing effects.


The "Timeline" Window is an essential tool, which allows the efficient setting of the various boxes on your page, especially in multibox mode. It is aimed in particular at the management of timing and appearing and disappearing effects (using the right mouse button on the timing display and the thumbnail effects). You have the option of grouping several boxes (press "ctrl" to select several) and applying the same appearing and/or disappearing time to all of them. You can also increase or decrease the time settings of this group, while maintaining the same time intervals between boxes (press "ctrl").


a. To make your page more readable, you can make the boxes visible or invisible by right clicking on the "eye" icon.

b. Appearing and disappearing times for the boxes on the page. To change them, move the white vertical line with the right mouse button, or double click on the value, also with the right mouse button, then enter the value in the window and confirm.

c. Possibility to act on more than one box by using the "shift" or "Ctrl" key. Each selected line appears in light blue colour. By default if you work on the timing of the boxes, they will all have the same start or end time. However if you want to keep the original time intervals between the boxes you should hit the "Ctrl" key.

d. Thumbnail of the box with information : name and size, as well as its transparency level.

e. Icon + name of appearing and disappearing effect of the box. To access these settings right click on the visual of the effect



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