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To help you understand the way the system works we will create a new design, integrate it into a schedule and send that schedule to a PC-Player. 

  1. Launch the TVT Scheduler on your PC-Design.

  2. Select the “Extras” tab in the top tool bar and click the “Designer” icon. Instead of using an existing design we will create a simple single page design.

  3. In the Designer, click the “Background” button located in the main tool bar and choose and select one of the available images.  Your background image is now filling up the work area.
  4. Select an image by clicking the “images” button. In this example we are using a 32 bit TGA file  that includes transparency and a logo.
  5. To create a text box click the “text” button. This will create a selected box. You can click and drag the center of the box to move it or change its size by clicking and draging the edges to the the desired size. Double click on the box to type in your  text. The text settings, such as color and fonts, as well as other settings are available from the tool bar. 
    Place the elements your desire on the background. Once your layout is done, you need to modify the timing for the various elements. For this  go to the top menu item “Extras” and select  “Timeline”. 
  6. Click on the background to refresh the timeline window. You will find all the elements from the selected page one after the over. You can modify the overall page duration by right-clicking on “End” part of the duration line of the background element. The default duration is 20 seconds.

  7. To apply effects, right click on the icons “cut” (in effect) or “none” (out effect).  This will give you access to the effect paramteres window. You can choose your in and out effects from a complete list as well as modifying the timing of those effects for each elements.

  8. The timing can also be defined by a right-click and drag on the “start” and “end” of the duration line to the right of each elements. 
  9. To save your design go to the the top menu under “design/save as” This design will be saved in the folder “designs” in the tvtools directory. You can now exit the Designer and go back to the TVT Scheduler.


  10. In TVT scheduler, in the “Media Items” window under the design tab you will find the design you have just created. If that is not the case right-click on the word “Designs” (top line) and select “Update Directories”.
  11. Slide the design on to the schedule. A ”TimeBlock” containing the design fills the whole column. The dsgin will be playing in loop mode for the whole day. You can slide more designs or videos in to the same “TimeBlock”.To preview the scheduled designs and video, click on the “Preview selected” button in the top tool bar.

  12. Click on the “Schedule Levels” tab (boton left) and select the “Player-PC” (default name). 

    Note : The window “Parameters for the Player-PC” automaticaly opens on the right hand side of the interface. 
  13. Give your player a name and enter its IP address or hostname.

  14. Last step : Click the “Send Schedule” button in the “Parameters for Player-PC” window or use the “Publish selected” to transfer the schedule to the selected player-PC.


Page Appearing Properties

  1. Parameters linked to the “in” effect. Here : speed choice fast and from the beguining of the page (start=0).
  2. Parameters linked to the “out” effect .Here the out effect being “none” the element will remain visible for the duration of the page.
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